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Famous as the jewel of the Mediterranean, Gozo is known to be the second largest Island amongst the chain of seven islands, off the coast of Sicily. Renowned as a part of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo holidays invite a tenacious exploration of a rich historical legacy and some oldest temples and prehistoric structures in the world. Dotted by an array of picturesque villages, charming farmho

Malta Holidays by Hix Travels

Adorning the quiet Mediterranean waters, the small island of Malta is a perfect amalgamation of beauty, comfort and entertainment. Moniker as the 'Open air museum of the Mediterranean', Malta package holidays dexterously fuse panoramic natural beauty with a rich historical legacy.

Located 179 miles north of North Africa and 58 miles south of Sicily, Malta is a small archipelago of the chain of seven islands in the Mediterranean. Flaunting a rich esoteric history of over 7,000 years, Malta has a prolific Roman Catholic background, evident in two of the main cities of Valletta and Mdina, and by the cultural festivals which take place on Saint's days. Besides, holidays to Malta are a perfect gateway to relax and rejuvenate amidst warm, turquoise blue waters, rocky coastlines, high beautiful cliffs and secluded bays. From long stretch of golden sandy beaches to Malta’s quaint towns packing in beautiful castles of the medieval period and magnificent churches, there is a lot that waits to be explored on all-inclusive Malta holidays.

Boasting of some of the oldest prehistoric establishments in the world, which are perhaps older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt, Malta holidays alluringly invite you to scout the mystical legacy of the Knights of St John. A copious exploration of its ancient culture, unique historical and megalithic sites and exquisite architecture is sure to leave you spellbound on your package holidays to Malta. In addition, Malta and its fascinating sister island, Gozo, indulge in vivacious revelry with numerous summertime 'festas' celebrated in the honour of the village patron saints all year round. Glorious celebrations with scintillating fireworks on these typical Maltese festivals are sure to enthrall you endlessly on your holidays to Malta. In case you plan your Malta package holidays in the early spring season, you can also experience the colourful annual carnival hosted by the island.

Malta Holidays: Not-to-Miss Attractions

Hailing of a picture-perfect landscape, Malta extends numerous attractions. Besides, the idyllic beach there is a lot to explore and admire in Malta. The temple of Hagar Qim and Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum in Birzebbugia are a must-see on your Malta holidays. Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum in Paola is definitely worth a dekko on your Malta holidays. For an exploration of rich architectural sites, you should visit Valletta as the vibrat capital is home to a wide array of fascinating museums and churches.

All- Inclusive Malta Holidays: Accommodation Galore

Whether you are one your honeymoon, a family holiday or a business trip, Malta offers myriad accommodations options spread across the island. Catering to the distinguishing tastes and needs of its holidaymakers and travelers, Malta hails a large number of hotels and resorts that suit every type of pocket. Almost every hotel and resort offers thrifty and attractive holiday rentals. From 3-star to 5-star luxury resorts and hotels to luxury villa and apartments, the options are galore for staying on your holidays to Malta.

The Northern parts of the island, primarily the St. Paul’s Bay/Bugibba, Sliema and St. Julian’s areas attracts a large number of travelers, as the region is packed with numerous hotels and resorts. Extending stupendous sea views, hotels and resorts in Malta is truly a place to relax and cherish.

For those in pursuit of complete privacy and independence, Malta also offers a wide range of self-catering holiday villas boasting of their mesmerizing locations. If you are travelling in groups, renting a holiday villa would definitely be a wise choice. Besides, for single travelers, accommodation in form of hostels is widespread and ideal. Other exciting accommodation options for adventurous holidaymakers on Malta holidays include farmhouses and tourists villages.

Malta Holidays: What and Where to Eat

From the traditional Maltese food to Japanese sushi, superb Italian, Korean, oriental, Chinese, Thai, International, Indian and many more, Malta offers endless variety of food to serve the most discerning palate. The local cuisine includes timpana (a macaroni and egg pie), bragioli or ‘beef olive’ (spicy beef), grilled lampuka fish, fenek (crispy fried rabbit), and grilled swordfish.

Malta offers a wide array of elegant restaurants, cafés, open air restaurants, fast-food eateries and smart gastronomic establishments for food aficionados on Malta holidays. For authentic traditional flavors, street food will undeniably be the best choice.

Malta Holidays: Beach Paradise

Renowned as a beach lover’s paradise, Malta hails of its gorgeous, pristine beaches. Filled with golden fine sand in the midst of turquoise blue waters, Malta beaches offer an ideal base to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

From secluded beaches, to crowded and family beaches, you have a lot of options on your beach holidays to Malta.  Whether you choose to relax on the golden sands amidst gushing waters or decide to bathe off the rocks, beach holidays to Malta are full of adrenaline-rushing excitement.

Hailing an intriguing marine life, most of the beaches in Malta offer ideal waters for scuba diving and snorkeling. Besides, you can book a yacht and explore the exotic secluded beaches surround the main island.

Mellieha (Ghadira) Bay, Mellieha, is the most famous beach in Malta. The beach remains relatively crowded in summer, particularly at the weekend. Mgiebah Bay, Limits of Selmun, Mellieha is a small secluded bay and ideal for honeymooners.

Malta Holidays: Legendary Nightlife

From pulsating nightclubs, to discos, and bars, Malta ensures that you have a thrilling nightlife experience during your Malta holidays. Nightlife in Malta centers mainly on clubs, which are majorly concentrated nearby St. Julian’s, in the Central/North part of Malta. You can easily find one or more waterside bars and clubs in Paceville, north of Sliema. Besides, you can hit any of the open air clubs that are witness huge crowds on Friday and Sunday nights. Moreover, you can sit back in a beachside restaurant and enjoy a fascinating nightlife experience in your unique way.

Malta Holidays: Unique Shopping Experience

Ideal to shop for mementoes and keepsakes for family and friends, shopping experience on Malta package holidays can be a unique one. Handmade Maltese lace, delicate, colorful little fans with lace trim, Silver filigree and Maltese glass are some major specialties you should not miss to pick up on your holidays to Malta. Original Maltese craft is handmade, so make sure what you buy is not a replica.

Malta Package Holidays: Spa Delight

Numerous hotels and resorts as well as independent Spa centers in Malta offer a host of spa treatments on your All-inclusive Malta package holidays. Malta holidays are perfect to get pampered in the midst of soothing tropical settings and a pleasant weather. Spa treatments that are commonly offered on Malta holidays include sea salt aromatic oil wrap, detoxifying Spirulena body wraps, firming and tonic Spirulena body envelopment, lymph drainage massages, and detoxifying phyto aromatic massages.