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Fairs and Festivals in Malta in 2011 and 2012

Boasting of a calendar full of cultural events, Malta is a colorful land hailing a mellifluous culture and a profound historical background. Maltese inherent love for festivals is evident from the long list of fairs and festivals that are held celebrated throughout Malta, all year round. a Offering a perfect mélange of a flamboyant culture and warm climate,  Malta is an ideal place to enjoy these colorful events throughout the year.

Epitomizing a rich pattern of traditions, beliefs and practices, the culture of modern Malta has become a mixture of influences brought in by the many rulers who stayed on the island. For the same reason Malta and its history is inseparable from myriad customs and traditions.

Being an integral part of Maltese culture, fairs and festivals include over 80 such events that are celebrated during the spring and summer months. Feast days are deemed as a trigger of the Island’s life and some holy days are celebrated as national holidays. Besides, the island witnesses many harvest festivals and religious festivals and add fervor to the Maltese air.

Maltese Carnival-February 2011/2012: 

This annual carnival is celebrated in the month of February. Epitomizing a rich tradition, the carnival boasts of a robust fervor that runs for a week. The carnival witnesses colored floats on Lorries for procession, and children dressed in beautiful, fancy costumes. Besides, the island’s main nightlife hub, Paceville, welcomes all the late night carnival goers to add to the fun. The main action centers in Valletta, with all the surrounding towns and villages celebrating the festivities in their own way. 

Feast of St Paul's Shipwreck- February 2011/2012: 

Celebrated annually in February, the Feast of St Paul's Shipwreck is celebrated to mark the saint's miracles after he took refuge on the island. The festival features a procession that involves carrying his statue through the streets in the backdrop of marching bands and fireworks.

Nadur Carnival- February 2011/2012: 

Nadur carnival is held annually in the month of February. The main highlight of the Nadur Carnival is the use of extravagant masks. The carnival offers free entry to its visitors. Marked in the Gozo Island, the festival is deemed to be the most fun-filled and enthralling festivals celebrated in Malta. Also called as "Silent Carnival", the carnival witnesses’ people dressed in costumes of sheets, wigs, putting up lots of colorful make-up.

Malta Marathon-February 2011

Organized by the Malta Tourism Authority, this annual festival lures many holidaymakers and travelers from around the world. The event would be held on the 27th of February, 2011. Celebrated in Mdina, the Marathon starts sharp at 8 am and completes its half way by 10am.

Honored as Malta’s biggest athletic event, the Malta Marathon initiates from the gates of the medieval Mdina, running through beautiful countryside and villages.

Freedom Day Regatta-March 2011/2012

The Freedom Day Regatta is a national festival of Malta. The day features a ceremony commemorating the withdrawal of the British troops and the Royal Navy from Malta. Celebrated annually in the month of March, the event is held at War Memorial in Floriana. Besides, the afternoon witnesses a traditional regatta at the venue itself.

Malta Fireworks Festival-April 2011/2012

Celebrated annually in April, Malta Fireworks Festival is a lively festival of the island. The festival witnesses full celebration in the Grand Harbour. The Malta Fireworks Festival features mesmerizing pyrotechnic displays by top national and international fireworks manufacturers. Highlighting the land’s fancy history of fireworks and music, the festival is filled with massive and wonderful fireworks lighted along the harbor. The Barriera Wharf on the Valletta sea front and the top of bastions of the Grand Harbour, offers perfect views of the fireworks.

International String Orchestra Festival- April 2011/2012

Featuring an authentic performance at the Manoel Theatre of Malta, the International String Orchestra Festival offers a cost-free entry to its visitors. The Orchestra Festival features beautiful performances, master-classes and workshops organized by international music veterans.  The orchestra concerts are held at many venues in Valletta. However, the festival marks its closing ceremony with a gala concert at Teatru Manoel.

Holy Week and Easter-April 2011

Celebrated from 17th to 24th April, 2011, the Holy Week and Easter is a religious festival. Marking the week before Good Friday, the Holy Week and Easter celebrations in Malta features solemn processions and re-enactments apart from several other events. The main highlight of the festival is Malta's Easter treat, which is a traditional almond pastry called the figolla.

Valletta Grand Prix-May 2011/2012

The festival is celebrated annually in May in Valletta. The event features a main sprint event and a circuit demonstration of historic and classic cars around the city's ring-road.

Farsons Great Beer Festival-July-August 2011

Celebrated at the Ta’Qali National Park, the Farsons Great Beer Festival features a perfect mix of live music, food and drink. From grazing the food stalls, to indulging in the beer-drinking competition or just taste different brews in the bars, you have a lot to enjoy during this festival. The event is celebrated from July to August.

The Malta International Airshow-September 2011/2012

The Malta International Airshow is an astounding show featuring a spectacular display of civil and military aircraft by some of the top pilots of the world. Held at Luqa Airfield and St Paul's Bay, this show also entails a rare chance to meet renowned pilots and watch expert parachutists showing feats in the sky.

The Malta Octoberfest-October 2011/2012

Reckoned as one of the most popular festivals around the world, the Malta Octoberfest is a colorful festival, chock full with loads of exciting comedy acts and games in the backdrop of some great live music. Featuring a traditional feast of German-style Bratwurst (sausage) with beer, the celebration of this festival includes converting of Montekristo Estates into a typical Bavarian Village.

Traditional Maltese Games Festival-November 2011/2012:

Celebrated in the famous Inquisitor’s Palace, the traditional Maltese games festivals is tagged amongst the major festivals celebrated in Malta. The festival is celebrated on 14th of November annually. The games festival aims to shed light on the traditional games of the island.

Epitomizing a revival of old and local games, the Traditional Maltese Games Festival witnesses the local people playing games on the streets of Birgu and within the Inquisitor's Palace. Games played include solving riddles with Haga Mohgaga to Brilli, similar to lawn bowling.

Festival Mediterranea-November 2011/2012

Celebrated annually from 28 Oct - 27 Nov, this long running festival reflects Malta’s profound culture, history and artistic talent. The festival is celebrated in Gozo with full fervor. The annual Festival Mediterranea features opera, classical music and folkloric events.

Triggering a world of vibrancy, the festival exudes a full party mood in the midst of warm colors of the typical Maltese autumn. The main highlights for the year 2011 include Verdi's La Traviata to be held on 28 and 30 October along with an enthralling folk show in a view to mark the 40th anniversary of the Astra Folk Group, which concludes this edition.

Malta International Challenge Marathon-November 2011/2012

The two day festival is celebrated annually in the month of November. The annual Malta International Challenge Marathon boasts of its unique three-stage formula - the three together make up the distance of a regular marathon. For 2011, the festival will be held from the 26th to the 28th of November. The first part of the event initiated from Mdina, the second from Birzebbuga and the final one from St Pauls Bay.

Alarme- Monthly Event

Celebrated every month, the colorful event of Alarme is held at Valletta's historic Fort St Elmo, Alarme.  The event depicts a re-enactment of the Napoleonic tenure in Malta (1798-1800) that runs for an hour. The event is organized by the Historical Re-enactment Group of Malta on the third Sunday of most months.

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