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Russia and Ukraine Holidays

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A quintessentially magical vacation inviting a copious exploration of exquisite palaces, pastel painted buildings, sparkling waterways, forested stony mountains, deep canyons, dramatic coastal scenery, verdant greenery and an abundance of art treasures - Russia and Ukraine holidays have gained a colossal measure of popularity in recent times.

Russia and Ukraine are Eastern Europe’s two most leading and influential markets. The world’s largest and perchance least unstated country absolutely deserves the visit of any intrusive and adventurous person, whether it be for St Petersburg’s cultural treasures, short history and museum visit or a more wide ranging tour that could contain an approximately endless list of tourist destinations such as; magical lake Baikal, sparkling golden beaches of the Black Sea, the mountains of the Caucasus, endless tracts of Taiga in Siberia or the volcanoes of Kamchatka.

On the other hand the Orange Revolution caught the world’s attention to the stupendous touristic growth in Ukraine and now the Black Sea, mountains and quaint Ukrainian ancient towns have become a preferred choice with tourists. Well known for city breaks are the cities of Lviv and Kiev where tourists are drawn to the tremendous frescoes in the Golden Gate in Kiev and St Sophia Cathedral. When you take Russia and Ukraine holiday package you get the opportunity to discover two different tourist destinations in just one go, along with an attractive variety of culture, wildlife, scenery and architecture.

Special Tourist Attractions in Russia

Red Square holds a very important place in the history of Russia and it is a major tourist destination of Russia. Red Square is located in between the royal house and Kremlin where the President of Russia lives. You will be showered with several choices of tourist attractions in all inclusive Russia and Ukraine cheap holiday package. As Russia is situated in the southern part of Siberia, the grand mountains stand close to China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Lake Baikal is also one of the major Russian tourist attractions. If you wish to explore the cultural thread of Russia on your Russia and Ukraine holiday package, you can visit Pushkin Museum for Fine Arts, Monastery and the Tretyakov Gallery. The Volcanoes of Kamchatka are also worth a dekko.

Accommodation Options in Russia

Tourists coming to Russia can select from luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts or mini-hotels to private apartments. Besides, several cheap youth hostels are also available for travellers on cheap Russia and Ukraine holidays. A wide variety of accommodation is available and you choose as per your requirements and budget.

Although in major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, you are likely to find luxurious five-star hotels, but largely the other large Russian cities such as Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, and Khabarovsk lag behind and at best have one or two world-class hotels. Popular luxury hotels of Russia include the Metropol or Golden Ringin Moscow and the Grand Hotel Europeor Emerald Palace in St. Petersburg.

As far as Budget and mid-priced hotels is concerned, there is no dearth. However, most of these are done up in traditional Soviet standards. Visitors on budget Russia and Ukraine holidays can choose from Ukraina, Irbis and Zarya in Moscow or Petro Palace Hotel, Rossiya and Andersen in St. Petersburg.

Travellers on cheap Russia and Ukraine holiday packages can also choose from Bed and Breakfasts, Mini-Hotels or youth hostels. Most of the Mini-Hotels are located in old-style but beautifully renovated buildings, offering good quality services. 

Lastly, travelers to Russia on luxury Russia and Ukraine holiday packages, seeking an extra level of privacy and independence can also choose to hire apartments with short-term vacation rentals. Fully fitted with international standards and all amenities, most of these apartments are centrally located, allowing easy access to all of the major cultural attractions of the city.

Activities in Russia

With weather varying from freezing icecap to subtropical forests, there are endless options available for trekking and hiking experiences. The Sayan, Caucasus, Altai, and Stanovoy mountains fascinate tourists endlessly for their incredible mountain climbing options. Hunting and fishing are other activities that are likely to astonish the normal sportsman from the West. Besides, shopping in Russia is an attraction in itself. Tourists can spend a good time digging department stores, antique stores, souvenir shops and outdoor flea markets selling numerous unique items like leather bags, amber jewellery, sculptures, crystal bowls and woollen sweaters.

Special Tourist Attractions in Ukraine

An extensive range of attractions in Ukraine confine the attention of tourists from the world over when they visit Ukraine on their Russia and Ukraine cheap holiday package. St. Sophia Cathedral and Monastery constructed during the 11th century is one of the major Ukrainian attractions. The Golden Gate, the Opera House, Museum of Ukrainian Art, of St. Vladimir, Andreyev Hill and the Historical Museum of Ukraine are some of the tourist attractions sure to enrapture tourists on all inclusive Russia and Ukraine holidays. Besides, visitors can also grab a chance to visit the historical city of Lviv ion their Russia and Ukraine holiday package. In addition, awe-inspiring architecture of the Antique Armoury, National Museum, Pharmaceutical Museum, Museum of History and the Opera House are also enthralling sources of entertainment for vacationers on Russia and Ukraine holidays.

Accommodation Options in Ukraine

Private apartments have replaced expensive Ukraine’s hotels in recent times. The apartment rentals vary depending on the apartment size, location, amenities and interior design. Rates in Crimes, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Lviv may be quiet cheap. Apartment rental business is well established in Ukraine and offers excellent services. You can even get English speaking employees and broad range of amenities like internet, laundry, multi cuisine food.  Besides, there are some renowned five star hotels also in Ukraine offering top notch amenities. Book your preferred accommodation according to your budget when you visit Ukraine on Russia and Ukraine holiday package.  Popular hotels in Ukraine include Hotel Adria, Hyatt Regency Kiev, Dnipro Hotel.

Activities in Ukraine

As in any other country, there are numerous activities tourists can enjoy. Cycling is very popular activity in Ukraine. Whether you are cycling on mountain through the rocky terrain or you are cycling from one village to another, you will discover that cycling is an amazing activity to participate in on your Russia and Ukraine holidays. Horse riding, scuba diving, skiing, yachting, sunbathing and swimming are some of the other activities that Ukraine tourists can indulge in. There are several underwater caves to be explored, so going for a fall can be a great idea.

Ukraine has a complete consumer market and die-hard shopaholics can have a gala time shopping in Ukraine. Famous for endless selections of designer clothes, crafts, paintings, jewellery, ceramics, woodworks and exquisite artwork, shopping on Russia and Ukraine package holidays can be a fascinating experience.



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