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Originally founded by a Grand Master of the Order of Saint John, Floriana offers a perfect mélange of Maltese sun and fun. Nestled west of Valletta, Floriana is a small suburban resort town of Malta offering umpteen holidaying options. A home to numerous artistic treasures and magnificent architectural wonders, Floriana is discerned as a major tourist attraction of Malta among international travelers.

Though envisioned by Dom Antnio Manoel de Vilhena as an extension of Valletta, Floriana later developed as a full-fledged standalone city. Flaunting many unique and magnificent structures dating back to the sixteenth century, Floriana holidays offer an opportunity to explore the profound essence of the rich Maltese heritage and their flamboyant history. By exploring huge buildings, fascinating churches, monuments and lush gardens that are famous since times immemorial, Floriana package holidays offer an insight into Malta’s colorful political and social history.

Floriana can make an ideal base for visitors to Malta as it boasts of the warmth and security that a suburban resort can offer. Along with tranquil environs, all-inclusive Floriana holidays offer the same level of five star accommodations that you may get in Valletta, albeit in a lesser price. Exuding an aura of sheer comfort and elegance, Floriana package holidays are perfect for both honeymooners and family holidaymakers alike. Ensuring full relaxation and enjoyment, Floriana holidays offer a serene environment that rejuvenates the mind and the senses to the hilt. Floriana is in close proximity of many popular Maltese cities, thereby offering a chance to explore a bevy of worldly attractions. A Concierge service at your hotel can assist you to plan your itinerary in and out of the city so that nothing goes unseen. Besides, it will also assist you on your holidays to Floriana by giving valuable advice on the local Maltese cuisine, shopping, nightlife, tour desk, ticket purchases, etc. Offering a vast multitude of modern hotels, replete with a wide array of accurate services and amenities, Floriana package holidays center on supreme comfort and relaxation.

Floriana Holidays: Best time to Visit

Located on the north east coast of Malta, Floriana is an all-year destination. Boasting of a moderately warm weather that captures a major proportion of the year, Floriana receives scarce rainfall, averaging just 568mm a year. In summers, the average temperatures hovers around 29C, ideal for sunbathing and soaking in crisp sunlight. However, the best time for relaxing and fun-filled Floriana holidays is in the spring months from April through June offer as the countryside blossoms in spring and by late April temperatures rise above 20C. Both Spring and autumn seasons are perfect to explore island’s history as well as its beaches on Floriana package holidays.  However, travellers seeking cheap Floriana holidays can hit the spot off-season. Budget oriented travelers can grab unbelievable accommodation deals during winters.

Floriana Holidays: Multiple Attractions

Honored among the top attractions to see on holidays to floriana, Porte des Bombes hails to be a beautiful gate fortification. Also, The Pjazza San Publiju should definitely be a must see on your holidays to Floriana. Besides, you can devote a few hours walking and visit the Herbert Ganado Gardens or the Argotti Botanical Gardens.

The Knight's armory at the Palace of the Grand Masters is a top attraction for all the holidaymakers on their holiday to Floriana. The exotic beaches of Floriana are also renowned attractions in themselves.  Whether you choose to tan in the sun, swimming in the turquoise blue waters of the sea or indulge in some water sports and activities, the options are galore.

Hailing immense historical essence, Msida Bastions Garden of Rest, on Haywharf, is definitely worth watching on your holidays to Floriana. It is claimed that the magnificent garden contains the grave of Mikiel Anton Vassalli, an 18th century writer and reformer.

The fortifications of Porte des Bombes, the Church of St Publius, Sarria Church, Centru Rikreattiv ir-Re Gorg V, Porte des Bombes, and the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes are some other attraction to see on your Floriana holidays.

Floriana Holidays: Comfortable Accommodations

Offering a perfect place to unwind, Floriana holiday accommodations boasts of myriad hotels and luxurious resorts. From budget and cheap hotels, to luxurious 5-star hotels and resorts, you have a wide variety to choose from for your all-inclusive Floriana package holidays.

All Floriana hotels offer comfortable and spacious rooms with a choice of classic or modern décor. Accommodations on Floriana holidays include fully furnished rooms with king-sized beds, over sized chairs, and magnificent couches. There are numerous beach-side holiday resorts boasting of exceedingly picturesque views and all modern amenities.  From modern bathrooms, to 24-hours service, internet access, satellite TV, terrace/balcony, telephone, designed workstations, you have it all on your holidays to Floriana. Besides, hi-tech fitness centers and wellness spas are the latest additions. Additional facilities include gym, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, laundry service, baby-sitting, etc

Ideal for business visitors, hotels in Floriana also boast of exceptional business facilities like meeting halls and banquet facilities. Besides, as the sun goes down, you can spend your evenings relaxing with a drink at any one of the indoor or outdoor onsite bars or lounges of hotels, offering superb snacks, dazzling cocktails and meticulous services. Prestigious Floriana hotels like The Grand Hotel Excelsior and Hotel Phoenicia, offer a wondrous mélange of spectacular views, state of the art meeting rooms and a sumptuous gastronomic experience to every discerning traveller.

Floriana Holidays: Exotic Dining Options

Native Maltese cuisine is a gourmet’s delight. Moreover, boasting of a wide array of superb restaurants, Floriana proudly serves myriad cuisines. From Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian to Mexican, Indian, African and international, the list goes on.  Floriana restaurants range from cafes offering outdoor sitting to fast-food eateries to sophisticated gastronomic joints flaunting an elegant décor. You would find a majority of restaurants serving a menu that combines Maltese traditional fare, Italian dishes, and familiar British taste, on your holidays to Floriana.

Must try local cuisine includes timpana (a macaroni and egg pie), bragioli or ‘beef olive’, grilled lampuka fish, grilled swordfish and fenek, which is basically crispy fried rabbit. You can easily fetch a Full English Breakfast for a bargain price of around €5 on your Floriana holidays.

Besides, Floriana is packed with numerous glitzy bars offering a wide cocktail menu and playing latest music. At night the beaches reverberate with vibrancy with all of the restaurants and bars pulsating with a party fervor.