Gozo Holidays

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Famous as the jewel of the Mediterranean, Gozo is known to be the second largest Island amongst the chain of seven islands, off the coast of Sicily. Renowned as a part of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo holidays invite a tenacious exploration of a rich historical legacy and some oldest temples and prehistoric structures in the world.

Dotted by an array of picturesque villages, charming farmhouses and a panorama of magnificent baroque parish churches, Gozo is equally known for its warm hospitality. Set in the midst of sparkling clear waters and flaunting a year-round sunshine, the naturally scenic island provides a splendid setting for Gozo package holidays. Besides, the well-endowed archaeological heritage of Gozo offers a perfect backdrop a for memorable holiday experience. Promising a feast for the senses, Gozo holidays boast of a scrumptious native cuisine, bustling open air markets, and traditional extravaganzas for every insightful traveller.

With a tranquil and laid back atmosphere, all-inclusive Gozo holidays can be a relaxed holiday experience offering a wide variety of comfortable accommodations. Besides, the rustic settings with scenic hills and great diving spots tempt travellers from all across the globe to plan cheap Gozo Holidays year after year. All in all, Gozo package Holidays offer all the ingredients of a perfect vacation by fusing a multihued culture, idyllic natural environs and exciting adventure together.

All Inclusive Gozo package Holidays: Splendid Accommodations

Gozo island has fewer hotels as compared to Malta island, but caters equally well with its great accommodations, embedded with all basic and luxurious amenities, services, and comforts. For an extravagant experience, if your pocket allows, you can spend your holidays to Gozo at some high class hotel resorts like Hotel Kempinski, Hotel Ta’Cenc, Hotel Down Town, Grand Hotel, and Hotel Comucopia.

Featuring various well developed beach resorts, Gozo package holidays facilitate you to spend your all-inclusive Gozo holidays amid staggering views and all modern comforts. For cheap Gozo holidays you can get the best deals off season, just before the summer season arrives.

The rural charm of Gozo attracts travellers for a highly relaxing vacation and this is made possible with its several lodging units on offer, centering on supreme comfort.  Numerous luxury resorts also offer wellness and spa services to pamper you endlessly on your holidays to Gozo.  With a king style hospitality and accurate services, Gozo package holidays are sure to be a thrilling experience for one and all. Some of the luxurious Gozo resorts include Bronja Hotel, located on the Tower road, Xlendi; Hotel San Andrea, Xlendi Promenade and Kempinski Hotel, San Lawrenz. Besides, a vast multitude of budget accommodations are also available at Gozo, greeting you in a warm way to ensure your Gozo package holidays are full of fun and frolic.

Gozo Package Holidays: Attractions Galore

The ancient Ggantija temples which are the world’s oldest free-standing buildings are known be popular attractions on Gozo holidays. To experience the dramatic orange-red sands and sparkling waters, you can visit the Ramla Bay, which is also one of the major attractions of Gozo Package holidays.

In addition, Gozo holidays invite a visit to the Citadel, chock full with old shops selling local specialty goods. Vacationers can shop here and stroll down the narrow alleys for an interesting and entertaining experience on Gozo package holidays. Other famous tourist attractions of Gozo package holidays include Fontana Springs, the Azure Window, Fungus rock, Inland Sea, Astra theatre, Aurora Theatre, cathedral Church of Gozo, St. George’s Basilica and Parish, and Santwarju tal-Madonna ta’ Pinu.

Major population of the entire Maltese archipelago is settled on the two larger islands- Gozo and Malta, and the culture of Gozo is influenced by different series of people like Roman, Phoenician, Arab, French, Spanish, Norman, British and Knights of Malta. The quite environment of Gozo not only attracts the elder generations for a relaxing holidays to Gozo but also tempts many families with little children to spend their vacations with the all-inclusive Gozo holidays package.

Island of Gozo, being positioned at a strategic area and being one of the main ports of the Maritime routes, is renowned as a place of many historical battles and refuges of knights and kings. So visiting such places is quite contributing towards the educational guide of our past. And for a rewarding travel experience on Gozo holidays, you can take tours to the lesser known regions of archipelago and explore beyond the traditional landmarks. While adding a new dimension to your Gozo package holidays, you will learn immensely about the land of the knights of Malta and Gozo Island.

With rich cultural events, interesting history and excellent beaches, Gozo package holidays are renowned for luxury vacations packages, attracting more and more travellers to plan their holidays to Gozo every year.

Gozo Package Holidays: Gourmet Delight

Away from home is a big apprehension for travellers for the food choice they would get on their vacations. But on Gozo holidays, you are served with numerous national and international dishes, along with a chance to tickle your taste buds with exclusive Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine. The mouth-watering and sizzling dishes prepared with the seasonally available fruits, vegetables, other raw food items and especially the sea food, greets the guests with tastes found nowhere else. Besides, you can also go for the Italian, Spanish, Moorish and many other British inclined cuisines on your Gozo holidays.

Some of the traditional dishes of Malta and Gozo that can be enjoyed on holidays to Gozo are Minestra Vegetable soup, Broad Bean & Pasta Soup called Kusksu, Italian dishes like Għaġin u Ross prepared with a combination of Pasta and rice, Mqarrun il-Forn or baked macaroni, baked rice known as Ross il-Forn and Timpana Pastry.

Cooked in a local style, Pork, Meat, Rabbit, Imported beef, chicken, turkey, Imported lamb, veal, Turtle doves, wild pigeons, and various organs like brain, kidney, pork liver are all some of the much loved food specialties offered on the streets of Gozo Island.

Some top notch  restaurants serving various world class cuisines on Gozo package holidays are are Maji Wine & Dine, located in Victoria, Ta' Karolina in Xlendi, Porto Vecchio in Mgarr, Il Girna at Sanat, La Trattoria in Marsalforn, Uncle Ted's Tavern at Sanat, Ta' Frenc in Xaghra, Tatita's Restaurant in San Lawrenz and Il Wileg at Qala.