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Quintessentially archaic in nature, Paola is a picturesque village in Malta, hailing an ancient inhabitancy for over 4500 years. Situated about 5km away from Valletta, Paola holidays offer a chance to experience amazing panoramas and sweeping vistas. The naturally tranquil environs and the queer historical legacy of the place have made Paola package holidays a favourite holiday package amongst international travellers in recent times.

Replete with natural beauty, Paola was founded by the Grandmaster Antoine de Paule and is coming up as a major tourist destination of Malta. Though boasting of all modern touristic conveniences, Paola’s—“new town” sewn into the north edge of Tarxien--hails an existence since the 17th century. Discerned as Casal Nouva when it was discovered in 1626, Paola was designed ideally as a holiday destination. With the higher ground above the harbour, Paola was specifically designed in a fashion to inundate the land with the cool breezes coming from the turquoise sea waters.

From easy and comfortable accommodations, to scrumptious native food, and varied entertainment options, a world of options waits to be explored on to Paola holidays. Although, there are no beaches in Paola, yet the enchantingly small village exudes an aura of relaxing peacefulness, sure to rejuvenate your mind and soul on Paola holidays. You can discover the nearby cities and ancient developments on Paola holidays, famous for their profound historical stories and intricate architecture. Availing a thrifty holiday deal for Paola holidays is a cinch, as you easily fetch Paola package holidays to All-inclusive Paola holidays or even cheap Paola holidays, in case you have a limited budget.

Paola Holidays:

Best time to visit

With a pleasant climate all-round the year, the best time for Paola holidays simply adheres to your needs and preferences. Boasting of a moderately warm weather that captures a major proportion of the year, summer season witnesses a high rise in tourists on Paola holidays. The average temperature in summer season hovers around 29C, ideal for sunbathing and soaking in crisp sunlight. However, the best time for relaxing and fun-filled Paola holidays is in the spring months from April through June offer as the countryside blossoms in spring and by late April temperatures rise above 20C. Both spring and autumn seasons are perfect to explore island’s rich history on Paola package holidays.  

However, travellers seeking cheap Paola holidays can hit the spot off-season, between the months of February to June, for a crowd-free holiday experience ensuring cheap holiday rentals. Budget oriented travellers can also grab unbelievable accommodation deals during winters as well. However, avoid the months from November to March for Paola holidays, as the place often witnesses heavy rainfall.

Paola Holidays: Rich Attractions

Blessed with a magnificent and rich historical heritage, Paola holidays invite a commodious exploration of myriad holiday attractions. A major proportion of the list is occupied by churches and ancient historical establishments. Known for its intricate architecture, the 1626 church Santa Ubaldesca, 350m west of the prison, should be a must-see on Paola package holidays. Offering a contrast, the new church built in 1924 for Christ the King is an equally resplendent creation bearing a Neo-Classical style and built using modern techniques and materials.

Honored as a world famous heritage site by the UNESCO, the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni is popular as the principal attraction of Malta. Hailing an aura of uniqueness, this Neolithic cult site was discovered during the construction of a cistern in 1902. From its modern doorway flaunting limestone, to its intricate catacombs hewn from the native rock, its chambers, passages and stairways, the underground labyrinth for religious rituals and consulted oracles, are architectural wonders not be missed on your holidays to Paola.

Hailing two vivid parishes, Paola holidays offer a chance to the two very exquisite parishes- one developed in the name of Christ the King and the other is dedicated to the Holy Mary of Lourdes. Previously the parish of Paola was first dedicated to St. Ulbadesca and then to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as can be seen from the ritual painting in the oldest Church of St. Ubaldesca.

Besides, the Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre led by Imam Mohammed El Sadi should certainly be on your cards. Moreover, Malta’s correctional facilities and magnificent burial grounds, the Adolorata cemetery also adds to the attraction list of all-inclusive Paola holidays.

Last but not the least; The Central Temple is a gorgeous attraction on Paola package holidays. Flaunting a distinct grandeur, the 23 meters high unique establishment of Malta is a source of enthrallment on Paola holidays.  Boasting of striking and super elegant architecture, this worthy structure certainly needs admiration on holidays to Paola. Moreover, the south temple packing the fascinating headless statue of an elephantine female, called the "fat" goddess of fertility, is also worth a dekko on your Paolo package holidays.

Paola Holidays: Hotels and Resorts

Offering an ideal gateway to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, Paola holidays ensure a comfortable and relaxing accommodation. With myriad hotel and high end resorts, you have a lot of options to choose from. From cheap hotels to luxurious 5-star hotels in close proximity, you have umpteen options for your all-inclusive Paola holidays.

Almost in every hotel you will find comfortable and spacious rooms with modern furniture and beautiful décor. Some ordinary facilities featured by hotels include modern bathrooms, 24-hours service, internet access, satellite TV, terrace/balcony, telephone, designed workstations, and most importantly spectacular views.

Besides, if you seek to enjoy a spate of other amenities like hi-tech fitness/ wellness spa, gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, laundry service, baby-sitting, etc you can choose to stay in five star hotels like Grand Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Fortina, Hotel Osborne, just a few miles from Paola.

Paola Holidays: Dining Options

Offering endless options for food aficionados on Paola holidays, Poala is known for its mouth-watering native cuisine.  Besides, Paola is dotted with a lot of fine restaurants and cafes to sooth your palate on Paola holidays.  From local Maltese, to Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, African, international and Turkish, options are galore. Blue Elephant, Terrazza, The Kitchen, Bacchus, La mere, Giannini and Ambrosia are some popular dining venues, where you can enjoy sumptuous grub amid great settings and take home a memorable experience on Paola package holidays.