Sliema Holidays

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For those who wish to enjoy and relax under the Maltese sun, Sliema holidays seamlessly fuse relaxation with adventure! Adorning the peninsula directly north of the beautiful historical capital Valletta, Sliema is tagged as a much sought after destination among international travelers and holidaymakers. Hailed as Malta’s major coastal resorts, Sliema holidays offer a bevy of attractions to enthrall honeymooners, single travellers and family holidaymakers alike. The quaint little fishing town has garnered immense popularity over a short span of time and is now acclaimed as a thriving holiday resort.

Discerned as an elegant gateway to the beautiful land of Malta, Sliema holidays boast of raucous nights filled with bright lights, opportunities to explore St Julians, the Marina in Msida and a chance to discover the vibrant capital city of Valletta. Well-reckoned as a tourist hub, Sliema offers myriad holiday rentals to suit all budgets. From Sliema package holidays, to all-inclusive Sliema holidays, and cheap Sliema holidays, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose to pamper yourself at the famous 5-star Fortina Spa Resort in the morning or just sit back beside the rooftop pool of your hotel or resort, walk along the gorgeous coastline in the afternoon and indulge in some luxurious dining at any one of Sliema’s finest restaurants as the sun goes down. Sliema holidays offer all the ingredients required for a perfect holiday experience-be it comfortable accommodation, sumptuous dining, myriad entertainment options, or fun shopping- Sliema is an epitome of peace, sun and style.

Sliema Holidays: Gorgeous Beaches

Haling of its gorgeous coastline, Sliema boasts of rocky beaches that exude tranquility and relaxation. Offering flat platforms for perfect sunbathing and numerous smooth rocks shelving out to sea waters, beach holidays to Sliema are full of fun. Besides, you can indulge in some adrenaline-rushing adventure on your holidays to Sliema as well. From swimming to scuba diving, snorkeling, and waterskiing, sailing, fishing, and boat trips, options are galore.The sand-less beaches of Sliema are replete with myriad facilities including sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and refreshments, luring travelers and holidaymakers from all over the world.

Besides, if you walk 5km along the main stretches, parallel to the Tower Road and head north towards, you hit the picturesque resort of St. Julians, where you can enjoy and admire a picture-perfect landscape. Besides, you can dine at any of the beach-side restaurants serving delicious seafood in the midst of mesmerizing views on your Sliema holidays.

In addition, for some extra fun, you can book a Grand Harbour cruise, a round-the-island cruise; catamaran cruise; glass bottom boat cruise; or a cruise to the island of Comino and enjoy a wonderful time with your family on your holidays to Sliema. The small 10-minute ferry ride from Sliema to Valletta should definitely be on your holiday itinerary.

Sliema Holidays: Myriad Accommodation

Discerned as an ideal choice for experiencing Maltese sun and hospitality, Sliema offers a wide array of accommodations options for travelers on their Sliema holidays. Whether you are considering Sliema as a romantic gateway or a perfect family holiday destination, there is no dearth of hotels, resorts, holiday villas and apartments in Sliema. From luxurious high end hotels and resorts to mid-range budgeted hotels or cheap hotels, accommodation on Sliema holidays centres on supreme comfort.

However, for those in pursuit of an extra level of privacy, opulent villas are a perfect choice. Also ideal for Sliema family holidays, self-catering villas offer abundant open space coupled with a warm homely feel. Moreover, some villas in Sliema offer high elegance similar to a palace, with services at par with luxury hotels. Sliema hails to be a preferred choice for weddings and other special events. Sliema holidays ensure a memorable time as well as economic viability with all inclusive comfort if you plan your budget ahead of time.

Sliema Holidays: Unique Attractions

Besides gorgeous bays hailing crystal clear waters and panoramic landscapes, Sliema boasts of its fortifications. The famous tower “Torre di San Giuliano” built by Grand Master Martino de Redin is a must see attraction. You can also go for a walking trail to the magnificent village of St. Julians, which in itself is a major attraction, not-to-be missed on your holidays to Sliema.

Besides, you can admire various other fortifications packed in the intoxicating land of Sliema. The fascinating prehistoric underground temple and the neighbouring island of Gozo should be a must inclusion on your itinerary. However, if you discern your Sliema holidays for ultimate relaxation, then spending a good portion of a day exploring Manoel Island sitting in Marsamxett Harbor will make a worthy choice.  The place is only a few minutes’ sail from Sliema and is popular for its natural serenity.

Sliema Holidays: Sumptuous Dining

Offering a wide array of bars, restaurants and cafes, Sliema holidays ensure a great dining experience to holidaymakers. From upscale fine-dining dining areas to cheap, yet sophisticated restaurants, you have a multitude of choices. There are many great gourmet restaurants serving everything from local Maltese food, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Arabian, Mediterranean, international, among others to dine on your holidays to Sliema. As the sun goes down, you can also choose to relax with a drink at any of the chic bars in Sliema and take home an unforgettable experience on your Sliema holidays.

Sliema holidays: Exciting Nightlife & Shopping

The real essence of Sliema’s nightlife is packed in its floorshows and ballroom dancing. Known for its unique and exciting nightlife, Sliema is home to several lively clubs, bars, and discos. However, a major proportion of the nightlife in Sliema is confined to pulsating pubs and exotic wine bars.  Moreover, all the top hotels in Sliema have splendid lounges offering an ideal place to unwind in the evenings with your loved ones on Sliema package holidays.

Shopping in Sliema is also an attraction on Sliema package holidays. With numerous galleries and chic boutiques, Sliema is home to several gleaming shopping malls like The Point, The Plaza Shopping Centre retailing everything from fashion and beauty lifestyle products to home ware and local craft items.